BAUMIT SpeedTop Accelerator / Winter additive for acrylic and silicone renders (RESISTANT TO MOISTURE) 250ml

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Description: The work carried out during the severe weather conditions can lead to unexpected events, such as run-off and cracking of render surface layer. In cases where the forecasts are unfavorable - weather plays tricks, you might want to stock up on Baumit SpeedTop - antifreeze additive that accelerates and improves the bond of render facade's resistance to moisture.

Baumit SpeedTop is a ready addition to acrylic and silicone renders.This product accelerates the formation of the surface film on the expedition and improves resistance to the layer of high humidity and low temperature and fog. This means that the render put on the wall solidifies rapidly, thereby reducing the risk of run-off of the elevation. Baumit SpeedTop can be combined with renders at temperatures ranging from ≥ + 1 ° C to ≤ + 15 deg C and relative humidity of ≤ 95%.

It is worth noting that other environmental conditions may adversely affect the drying process. Importantly, the addition can not be combined with renders applied on frozen ground without loose debris. The best result of Baumit Speed Top is achieved by mixing of the additive with an appropriate amount of render.

Coverage: The proportions should be maintained at the level of 1 bottle of additive Baumit SpeedTop to 1 bucket of render, which is 250 ml per 25 kg. 
TopSpeed cannot be used with silicate plasters as the additive is only suitable for silicone and acrylic renders.

The plaster, mixed with the SpeedTop additive, must be applied within approx. 1.5 hours. It can be applied in air, substrate and material temperatures as low as 1°C (minimum temperature).

IMPORTANT: Prepare only the amount of the render, which can be used within 1.5 hours. After this time, the unused contents of the bucket will react in the package and will not be suitable for further use. With correct application of render with Baumit SpeedTop after 4 to 6 hours it achieves an early resistance to rain, reducing the risk of runoff render facade. It must be noticed that at that time a fresh layer can not be frozen, as it loses its properties. 

In the case of long-term temperature drops and heavy rain in the initial phase of the render setting it is recommended to use additional protection in the form of protective curtains.

Weather conditions often interrupt facade works due to heavy rain or drastically decreasing temperature. Antifreeze additive Baumit SpeedTop allow work in the temperature range from + 1°C to +15°C. In addition, the organic and ammonia components in this product improves the resistance of facade to high humidity

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Product Info
Size 250ml
Coverage one bottle per tube of 25kg render / 10-12m2