BOLIX U Insulation and base coat adhesive - 25kg

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Intended use: 

- polystyrene boards

- reinforced layer mesh / fiberglass mesh

- thermal insulation of walls 

- leveling wall inequalities up to 5 mm

- smoothing surfaces before applying paint and thin coat renders


Substrate preparation: substrate should be sound, dry, even, clean of anti-adhesive layers and of microbiological and chemical contamination. Surface irregularities (of 5-15 mm) should be straighten in advance with Bolix-W levelling mortar. In case of substrates of low adhesion, we recommend to make a pull-off test. The minimal substrate resistance to lateral force is 0,08 mpa. Absorptive substrates should be primed with Bolix-N.


Preparation: pour the content slowly into a container with clean water (4.5 to 5.0 litres of water) and mix until a uniform consistency. Wait 5 minutes and remix. The pot life is 1.5 hour. Apply and allow to bind at a temp. Of between +5°c and +25°c (substrate temp. Should also be between +5°c and +25°c).


Application on insulation boards: cover eps board with adhesive – strips around the edges approx. 3-6 cm of width, leaving 3 cm from the edge of the board, cover the remaining surface with regular patches of adhesive (8-10 patches of 8-10 cm in diameter). The adhesive should cover at least 40% of the surface, and the layer of adhesive should not be more than 10 mm thick. Immediately, put eps board to wall and press it with a trowel.


Apply EPS boards in a chequered pattern. After the mortar is set (min. 48 hours), the eps boards can be fixed by means of mechanical fasteners. Then sand the facing surface of the board with a trowel using coarse sandpaper. Applying reinforcing layer: after 48 hours from glueing eps boards, apply reinforcing layer (fibreglass mesh) on sanded and clean of dust substrate. Cover the whole substrate with adhesive (3-4 mm thick) in vertical or horizontal manner – strips width should be same as that of the mesh.


Afterwards, immerse the mesh in the adhesive letting the mesh be spread evenly and immersed wholly in mortar. Adjacent strips of mesh should overlap (min. 10 cm folds). Should any slight irregularities occur on a dry layer, apply another thin layer of adhesive (approx.1 mm thick) to smooth the surface. 


Reinforcing layer thickness should not exceed 3 to 5 mm.

Consumption as an insulation adhesive: 4 kg/m2

Consumption as an base coat: 4 kg/m2

Application temperature +5 to +25 ° C

Mixing ratio: 4.5 - 5.0 liters of water per 25 kg

Prepared mortar: should be used in approximately 1.5 h

Product Info
Weight 25kg
Coverage - as an insulation adhesive approx. 6m2; - as a base coat approx. 6m2;