BOLIX Z EPS / Polystyrene Insulation adhesive - 25kg

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Intended use:
- polystyrene boards
- thermal insulation of walls 
- leveling wall inequalities up to 5 mm
- smoothing surfaces before applying paint and thin coat renders

Substrate preparation: substrate should be sound, dry, even, clean of anti-adhesive layers and of microbiological and chemical contamination. Surface irregularities (of 5-15 mm) should be straightened in advance with Bolix-W leveling mortar.

Preparation: pour the content slowly into a container with clean water (4.8 to 5.3 litres of water) and mix until a uniform consistency. Wait 5 minutes and remix. The pot life is 1 hour. Apply and allow to bind at a temp of between +5°c and +25°c (substrate temp. Should also be between +5°c and +25°c).

Application: cover EPS board with adhesive – strips around the edges approx. 3-6 cm of width, leaving 3 cm from the edge of the board, cover the remaining surface with regular patches of adhesive (8-10 patches of 8-10 cm in diameter). The adhesive should cover at least 40% of the surface, and the layer of adhesive should not be more than 10 mm thick. Immediately, put eps board to wall and press it with a trowel. Apply eps boards in a chequered pattern. After the mortar is set (min. 48 hours), EPS boards should be fixed with mechanical fasteners according to design (min. 4 per sqm). Then sand the facing surface of the board with a trowel using coarse sandpaper.

Consumption: on smooth substrates: approx 4.0 kg per m²

Product Info
Weight 25kg
Coverage approx. 4 kg/m2