BAUMIT EdelPutz Thin coat mineral textured render (dash receiver) 1.5mm - white 25kg

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Product: Waterproof, permeable thin-layer mineral render. Product is characterized by good resistance to atmospheric effects; it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, for hand or machine application. This render is suitable as a finishing surface in External Thermal Insulation Systems.

- an external sponge textured decorative render for main wall areas and for internal areas

- suitable for application over base coat and bonding coat renders

- suitable for areas with low to moderate exposure from weather

Edelputz Spezial is intended to retain sufficient open time to receive dry dashing. 



Grain size: 1.5 mm 

Composition: White cement, building lime, sand, lime, admixture.

Colour: white

Structure: textured 

Minimum thickness: 1.5 mm

Coverage: 1.5 mm - about 2.5kg / m²

Water consumption: about 8 l water/25 kg bag 

Substrate: The substrate must meet the standard requirements: to be tacky, smooth, ripe and equally absorptive without cracks. The substrate must be free of dust, oily stains and salt spots.

Not suitable for: Plastics, resins,varnish and oil films,lime paints,mineral and dispersion paints. 

Surface preparation: The earliest 24 hours before applying mineral plaster Baumit EdelPutz Spezial BaumitUniPrimer should be applied to the substrate to compensate substrate.

Mixing: The contents of the bag (25 kg), thoroughly mixed with about 8 liters of water. The mixing time 3 - 5 minutes (no more). The required consistency of the material must be adjusted by adding any water.

Machine application: Before starting work, it is necessary to fill the generator of the mixing zone and the snake with lime milk to increase the slip of the material.

The structure of layers: Render should be applied with stainless steel float.



Grooved structure: After a brief dry use plastic float circularly, vertically or horizontally.

Brushed structure:  Immediately after stretching, rub with the plastic float doing circular movements.

Tips: During the treatment the binding material (min. within 12 hours of application) and substrate’s temperature must not fall below +5 ° C. When processing of the material it is recommended to secure the facade in the right way from the effects of direct sunlight, rain and strong wind. 

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Product Info
Weight 25kg
Colour white
Coverage 10m2