Healthy living renders

Healthy living renders
The condition of the air indoors is an important factor for comfort, health and quality of life
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BAUMIT Klima RK39 / Kalkin RK 39 Hydraulic lime render for traditional buidlings 35kg

Product: Baumit RK39 is an easy to use, creamy white coloured, lime based render suitable for applying by hand or machine. It can be applied on to all types of dense masonry such as natural sto..

Ex Tax: £15.12

BAUMIT Klima RK70 / Kalkin RK 70 N Fine finish render 25kg

Product: Baumit RK70 is an easy to use, pure hydraulic lime based render/plaster which is  creamy white in colour and suitable for use throughout the whole interior of the building. Becaus..

Ex Tax: £17.50

BAUMIT VitonHaft Clay primer / base coat 25kg

Description: Clay base coat for surface preparation on almost all substrates and as an adhesion layer. Suitable for machine application.   Application: Viton adhesive is applied ..

Ex Tax: £15.38
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