Damp, salt contaminated masonry presents special challenges for renovation and maintenance.This is because dampness and salts are constantly active. They destroy masonry and coatings.    

    If a standard render is applied, the wall surface will quickly look mottled and unappealing. The reason for this is the unfavourable evaporation range of normal render.  In    normal renders, evaporation takes place at the level of the render surface, which leads to unsightly efflorescence and spalling of paint and render.
        Baumit renovation render systems are certified according to the guidelines of the WTA - Scientific and Technical Study Group for the Renovation and Protection of Historical Monuments.
        The products fulfil all the requirements of renovation renders as stipulated in the WTA guidelines. Not only do they possess minimal capillary action, they also have a very high level of porosity and water vapour permeability. Whether you are renovating  large project or a single family house.