Sanova MonoTrass

Sanova MonoTrass

The Baumit MonoTrass System is particularly suitable for repairing deep plaster layers up to 80 mm.


Interiors: Baumit Divina Klima, Baumit Divina Mineral or other mineral-based coatings

Exteriors: Baumit NanoporTop, SilikatTop, SilikonTop (with Baumit PremiumPrimer) and/or Baumit NanoporColor, SilikatColor and SilikonColor

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BAUMIT Sanova MonoTrass render 25kg

Product:- Dried ready-to-use mortar, containing trass- Single layer white trass/lime lightweight render- Machine and manual application- For internal and external use- Delivered in sacks of 25 kg or i..

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