EPS70 Expanded Polystyrene Boards graphite 1000x500x200mm - pack of 3 (1.5m2)

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This product has a minimum quantity of 50

Thickness: 200mm

Board size: 1000mm x 500mm

Pack of 3 boards: 1.5m2

Declared thermal conductivity λD: <= 0,031 W/(mK) 

Reaction to fire: Class E 


Product description: Moisture resistant, grey in colour, compatible with most other building materials. Not compatible with solvent based materials. Non-irritant, non-toxic, not affected by organic growth like fungi, mould, bacteria. Graphite enhanced polystyrene are made of expanded polystyrene with the best thermal insulation properties. Its unique parameters have been achieved thanks to, among other things, the addition of graphite, which gives the boards their dark grey colour.


Application: Thermal insulation of walls, balconies, door and windows reveals; wherever good insulation  properties must be achieved with relatively thin layers of insulation materials.

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Product Info
Board Size 1000x500mm
Pack Coverage 1.5m2
Pack Size 3 boards
Thickness 200mm