TermoOrganika Foam Adhesive for Internal and External Wall Insulation Boards 750ml

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Please note this products requires standard foam gun for application.

Product: professional polyurethane foam adhesive for bonding foamed polystyrene (thermal insulation) outside and inside, filling expansion joints in thermal insulation, as well as bonding and insulating wall panels. 
It has also excellent adhesion to most popular building materials: concrete, plaster, brick, wood, cement, hard PVC, bitumen membranes, rigid PIR foams.

- strong and durable adhesion to foamed polystyrene and other typical construction materials
- increased thermal insulation
- reduced likelihood of thermal bridge
- New generation of valve anti valve-block and anti gas-leakage system
- suitable for interior and exterior use
- decreased occurrence of fungi and algae
- speeds and facilitates insulation work ? mechanical connectors applied after only 2 h
- ready to use
- very easy application
- bonding foamed polystyrene to most popular building materials
- sealing gaps between foamed polystyrene
- sealing cracks in walls
Surface Preparation: Contact area must be clean, free of dust, oil, grease, and ice. Remove old materials’ residue, especially loose and not sufficiently adhering coatings. Clean and degrease the surface with acetone, isopropanol, ethanol (metals, glass) or detergent (plastics). In case of application to unknown substrates, prior testing is a prerequisite. Make leveling of wall and cracks (remove brittle plaster and crumbling paint).
Application tips: Shake well before use - about 30 times.
Most effective technique for applying (recommended): Adhesive on the board perimeter with a ca. 3 cm wide bead, keeping a ca. 2 cm distance from the rim, and a single bead across the board centre (along to longest side). Join the board with the wall right after the product application, press slightly and adjust using straightedge. The board position can be corrected within 15 to 25 min from joining. At lintels, support the boards until the bond cures. In case of heavy wind or rainfall use scaffolding mesh.
The adhesive working yield depends on several circumstances: air, surface and can temperatures, air humidity and the distance between the foamed polystyrene and the face of the wall, wall levelling. On the average the efficiency of one can varies from 5 to 10 m2 of insulated surface for recommended technique. The efficiency may be higher for other applying techniques (not recommended for vertical external wall coverage), even up to 13 - 18 m2.