URSA Acoustic partition roll 60mm -13.5m2

  • Brand: URSA
  • Product Code: 60mm - 13.5m2
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URSA Acoustic Roll is a lightweight, non-combustible, unfaced glass mineral wool product used for sound insulation of lightweight metal or wooden stud partitions in both new and existing buildings. This product is manufactured from sand, an abundant, sustainable resource and may also utilise up to 80% post consumer glass waste.



  • Timber or metal framed internal partition walls
  • Timber or metal framed separating walls
  • Timber separating floors


50mm URSA Acoustic Roll characteristic:

  • URSA Acoustic Roll has minimal resistance to the passage of water vapour, thus allowing
  • ​the floor or wall construction to breathe.
  • URSA Acoustic Roll has excellent sound insulation characteristics to help meet the Building 

          Regulation and Robust Details requirements.

  • URSA Acoustic Roll also has good thermal insulation characteristics and enhances the 

          thermal comfort of the building.URSA Acoustic Roll is lightweight yet tough, resilient and

          easy to install.  It is easily cut using a sharp knife.

  • Compaction of the rolls in their manufacture saves space in both storage and transport.
  • URSA Acoustic Roll is rot-proof, durable and maintenance free. It is non-hygroscopic 

          and will not slump in normal use.



  • All of URSA products carry the CE Mark to show compliance with the harmonized European 

          Standard BS EN 13162 and are quality assured to ISO 9001

  • Outstanding product quality manufactured to ISO 9001 Quality Systems
  • Glass wool products do not contain or use in their manufacture ozone depleting

          chemicals such as CFCs and HCFCs. The Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is zero

  • URSA Acoustic Roll has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of zero


Width: 1200mm

Area per roll: 13.5m2

Thermal conductivity: 0.035 W/mK

R-Value: 1.43 m2K/W

Density: 22 kg/m3

Heat capacity: 0.84 kJ/kg

Reaction to Fire: Euroclass A1 to BS EN 13501-1