BOLIX AZ Acrylic paint for facades - white 10l

  • Brand: BOLIX
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Description: To make decorative paint coats, also suitable for renovations, and repairs. It gives a tinted matt coating highly resistant to changing weather conditions and abrasion.


Fit for painting new and old substrates. To be used on such substrates as concrete, thin-layer acrylic and mineral plasters, as well as on cement-based and cement-calcareous ones.




- drying time: min 2 hrs

- complete hardening: min 24 hrs

- consumption for 1 paint coat: 0.12÷0.28 l/m2 depending on substrate absorbency and coarseness. 

- gloss: matt

- consistency: thixotropic

- density: approx. 1,55 g/cm3

Product Info
Size 10L
Colour white
Coverage approx. 50m2