Plastic angle / corner bead with mesh 2.5m - pack of 10

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Description: Plastic corner bead with fibreglass mesh is an easy to use, PVC corner profile with fibreglass mesh welded to it’s surface for strength.


The beads should be used on all 90 degree corners. It can be used with any thin layer render system such as mineral, acrylic, silicate, silicone or polymer renders.


Length: 2.5m



  • external wall insulation systems
  • using with all thin layer renders
  • reinforcing all 90 degree corners around windows, door
  • reinforcing all building corners

Corner protection profiles should be installed prior to the main mesh. Cut the beads to length and then adhere the bead to the corner by applying a generous layer of base coat and seating the bead on it. Trowel the bead in to the base coat, ensuring that the base coat comes up through the bead. Finally, confirm that the bead is vertical and in the correct position before leaving the base coat to set.

Each length of  plastic corner beads with mesh is 2.5m long and the pieces can be joined, so simply measure the total running amount of corner.

Product Info
Lenght 2.5m
Pack Size 10 pcs