Reveal bead phantom PVC / window expansion joint 6mm with mesh - 2.5m (pack of 10)

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Product: Window Profile 6mm with fibre glass mesh are used for creating an expanding connection of the window (door) frames to plaster/rendering in the contact insulation system.

Description: Phantom reveal bead is conducing to an exact, flush and vertically oriented termination of render to door- and window-frames. The bellows are used as an elastic connection between profile/render and door- and window-frames.

After the rendering and painting work the protective plate will be bent and afterwards broken off constantly parallel to the reveal bead. Phantom reveal bead is a PVC-profile which is produced out of impact resistant and UV- and weather-proof PVC with bellows out of soft-PVC.

There is glued a double-sided tape on the protective plate to fasten a protective sheet on it during the rendering and painting work. The fibreglass reinforcement is alkali-proof and dislocation resistant. All surfaces have to be dry and free of dust and grease.

Material: UV-stable, alkali-proof uPVC, fibre glass reinforcement mesh ETAG 004, double self-adhesive expansion PE tape with closed pores

Application advantages:

- creates expansion jointing between the contact insulation system and the window or door frame

- prevents the final coating from flaking off the window or door frame

- protects window or door frames and panels against mechanical damage or getting dirty during the application of building adhesive or rendering

- prevents hairline cracking

- prevents penetration of cold and noise

- no additional sealing of joints is required

- suitable for narrower window or door frames

- a part of the profile is not hidden, its front side is visible

- creates an aesthetically perfect finish

Product Info
Lenght 2.5m
Thickness 6mm