SOUDAL Soudafoam Expanding foam - gun 750ml

  • Brand: Soudal
  • Product Code: SOFOGU750
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Product: High-quality pistol assembly and sealing foam with excellent adhesion to most building materials.



• Excellent adhesion to substrates include to a wall, brick, concrete, stone, wood, PVC, aluminum, including powder coatings, coated, glazed surfaces, etc.

• Good thermal and acoustic

• High performance and dimensional stability

• Short curing time

• Precise

• Gas blowing harmless to the ozone layer



• Seals the assembly window and door frames, window sills, shutters, stairs, etc. 

• Filling and isolation of pipe culverts and cable elements central heating and water - sewage

• Filling and soundproofing walls , prefabricated skeletal structure 

• Thermal and acoustic insulation of floors, attics, roofs, air conditioning systems

• Filling gaps in the wall and ceiling joints 

• In case of doubt, please consult the technical department 

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Size 750ml