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BAUMIT SilikonTop Thin coat silicone textured render 1.5mm - coloured 25kg

Description: Baumit SilikonTop is an easy to use, breathable, decorative, silicone-based, textured top coat render which comes in a range of grain sizes ranging from 1.5 - 3mm. It repels water ..

£63.59 £65.34
Ex Tax: £52.99

BAUMIT StarContact Multi-purpose insulation and base coat adhesive - white 25kg

Product: Factory prepared mineral based, dry powder contact mortar. Suitable for manual and machine application. A system component for the External Wall Insulation Systems EPS and XPS, ..

£13.20 £15.36
Ex Tax: £11.00

Finishing float for insulated textured renders 280mm - plastic

Description: Plastic trowels are used in finishing of the insulated textured renders - silicone, acrylic or silicate. Very strong abs plastic. Size: 280 x 130 x 4mm  ..

£4.98 £9.78
Ex Tax: £4.15

FRANSPOL Extra GS-2 Fine plaster - White smooth gypsum based filler 20kg

Product: White smooth gypsum based filler Intended Use: GS-2 is an excellent material for preparing walls and ceilings inside buildings for painting, paperhanging etc. Also for renovation of..

£12.60 £16.20
Ex Tax: £10.50

Plastic angle / corner bead with mesh 2.5m - pack of 10

Description: Plastic corner bead with fibreglass mesh is an easy to use, PVC corner profile with fibreglass mesh welded to it’s surface for strength.   The beads should be use..

£22.79 £28.68
Ex Tax: £18.99

SCHULLER Self-adhesive protective film for glass surfaces 500mm x 100m

Product: Self-adhesive protective film for glass surfaces - The film is not harmful and can be completely recycled- The film is not suitable for the protection of metals and mirrored glass surfac..

£24.23 £30.13
Ex Tax: £20.19

Stop bead PVC 6mm with mesh 2.0m (pack of 10)

Product: Render stop beads permits an exact partition of wall coatings in the interior and exterior. With this profile you are able to separate miscellaneous plaster structures or colours properly. Im..

£41.99 £54.60
Ex Tax: £34.99

TermoOrganika Foam Adhesive for Internal and External Wall Insulation Boards 750ml

Please note this products requires standard foam gun for application.Product: professional polyurethane foam adhesive for bonding foamed polystyrene (thermal insulation) outside and inside, filli..

£9.59 £10.79
Ex Tax: £7.99
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