E-145 Fibreglass mesh roll 1m x 50m !Made in EU!

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TYTAN Assembly foam STD 750ml

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BAUMIT EdelPutz Thin coat mineral textured render (dash receiver) 1.5mm - white 25kg

Product: Waterproof, permeable thin-layer mineral render. Product is characterized by good resistance to atmospheric effects; it is suitable for outdoor and indoor use, for hand or machine appl..

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Insulation board panel fixing plugs / anchors - 10/160mm (pack of 200)

Description: Universal hammer driven fastener with metal pin.Insulation panel fixings are used for fixing rigid and semi - rigid insulation boards to external solid walls. Plug is made from polyp..

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100mm Aluminium base / starter / plinth track 2.5m - pack of 10

Length: 2.5mFixing leg: 35mmFor Insulation Board: 100mmMaterial: AluminiumProduct: Aluminium starter track is fixed at DPC level to ensure system protection from capillary..

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12 x SELENA PLUS Foam adhesive for insulation boards - 750ml

Product: professional polyurethane foam adhesive for bonding foamed polystyrene (thermal insulation) outside and inside, filling expansion joints in thermal insulation, as well as bonding and ..

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BAUMIT DuoContact Insulation and base coat adhesive 25kg

Product: Dry, pre-prepared insulation and base coat adhesive. Composition: Cement, silica sand, synthetic resins, additives. Used for: - polystyrene boards - reinforced layer m..

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E-145 Fibreglass mesh roll 1m x 50m !Made in EU!

Product: Easy to use, SBR coated, fibre glass reinforcing mesh with a 4 x 4mm mesh size.- Excellent stability, strength and cohesion- Alkali-resistant- Durable for over 50 yearsFiberglass reinfor..

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MALFARB Acrylic latex emulsion interior paint - white 10l

Application: Acrylic latex emulsion paint - super-efficient, with improved abrasion resistance is used for decorative painting of walls and ceilings in residential and public buildings. ..

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Plastic angle / corner bead with mesh 2.5m - pack of 10

Description: Plastic corner bead with fibreglass mesh is an easy to use, PVC corner profile with fibreglass mesh welded to it’s surface for strength.   The beads should be use..

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