Play it safe. With the Baumit StarContact you invest in a care-free future.

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Baumit StarContact White is a highly tempered adhesive and reinforced base-coat mortar, going far beyond the regulatory standards and statutory requirements. This guarantees a permanent bonding of brick masonry and façade, irrespective of temperature fluctuations, wind speeds or other environmental influences. As reinforced base-coat mortar it more than lives up to its reputation: it is elastic and flexible, perfectly absorbing stress in the long run. Even impacts are not a problem for this façade.

This project by our customer Moon Tree Developments based in Mid Sussex, where Baumit StarContact has been used as an insulation adhesive and base coat mortar is a great example of passive hause solutions for your project.

With Baumit StarContact there is no need for priming before thin coat textured renders application!

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Last update: Oct 12, 2016

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