Adhesive & reinforced base-coat mortar guarantee a permanent bonding of brick masonry and façade.

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ARSANIT Therma+ TH-03 Insulation and reinforcement adhesive 25kg

Product: TH-03 adhesive mortar is used in Arsanit Therma+ thermal insulation system for gluing polystyrene foam plates. It is perfect for typical mineral substrates, such as bricks, traditional cement..

Ex Tax: £9.49

BAUMIT DispoFix Ready mixed EPS adhesive for wood and chipboard substrates 25kg

Description: Ready to apply, paste-like, solvent-free insulation adhesive for wooden and chipboard substrates.- exceptional processing properties- ready-to-apply If there is a lack of wate..

Ex Tax: £110.95

BAUMIT DuoContact Insulation and base coat adhesive 25kg

Product: Dry, pre-prepared insulation and base coat adhesive. Composition: Cement, silica sand, synthetic resins, additives. Used for: - polystyrene boards - reinforced layer m..

Ex Tax: £9.99

BAUMIT HM 50 Multi-purpose contact mortar 25kg

Description: Fibre reinforced bonding mortar suitable as a keying coat on concrete and insulating boards or as a finely sponged thin coat render on concrete formwork and in plinth areas. ..

Ex Tax: £25.93

BAUMIT MC 55 / MC55 W Cement render / Contact mortar 25kg - white

Description: Baumit MC55 W is an easy to use, natural white, vapour permeable (breathable) lime based contact mortar with multiple uses. It can be used to prepare smooth concrete, mineral and s..

Ex Tax: £17.50

BAUMIT OpenContact Breathable insulation and base coat adhesive 25kg

Description: Breathable, mineral-based, fibre-reinforced, white powder adhesive and plaster undercoat – specially developed for Baumit Open System. Dual purpose contact mortar: as an adhesive f..

Ex Tax: £18.87

BAUMIT ProContact Mineral wool, EPS and base coat adhesive 25kg

Description: For bonding and reinforcing facade insulation boards EPS and mineral wool boards. Also suitable as a reinforcement coat with embedded StarTex on mineral rendering subsurface.- flex..

Ex Tax: £12.44

BAUMIT StarContact Multi-purpose insulation and base coat adhesive - white 25kg

Product: Factory prepared mineral based, dry powder contact mortar. Suitable for manual and machine application. A system component for the External Wall Insulation Systems EPS and XPS, ..

Ex Tax: £12.80

BOLIX U Insulation and base coat adhesive - 25kg

Intended use:  - polystyrene boards - reinforced layer mesh / fiberglass mesh - thermal insulation of walls  - leveling wall inequalities up to 5 mm - smoothing surfaces befor..

Ex Tax: £11.40

BOLIX Z EPS / Polystyrene Insulation adhesive - 25kg

Intended use: - polystyrene boards - thermal insulation of walls  - leveling wall inequalities up to 5 mm - smoothing surfaces before applying paint and thin coat renders Subs..

Ex Tax: £8.95

MAPEI Nivoplan Plus Indoor and outdoor levelling mortar 25kg

Product: NIVOPLAN Plus is particularly suitable for rendering and levelling indoor and outdoor wall and ceiling surfaces in layers of thicknesses from 3 to 50 mm.Nivoplan makes the surf..

Ex Tax: £12.98

SOUDAL Gun and foam cleaner 500ml

Description: Gun & Foam Cleaner is a ready to use cleaning aerosol can for use on Soudafoam Gun and Soudal foams. Characteristic: Used in conjunction with Soudafoam Gun and the f..

Ex Tax: £6.34
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