CEKOL C-45 Smooth gypsum based filler - white 20kg

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Product: White smooth gypsum based filler


Intended Use: CEKOL C-45 is an excellent material for preparing walls and ceilings inside buildings for painting, paperhanging etc. Also for renovation of old plasters, plastering whole walls,stopping of cardboard-gypsum panels (for pointing and filling of scratches and cracks the CEKOL C-40 is recommended). CEKOL C-45 allows to obtain very smooth surfaces.


Properties: CEKOL C-45 is a dry mixture produced of the highest quality gypsum with a wide range of refining, modifying and plasticizing additives delaying setting and providing excellent adhesion to the gypsum, brick, concrete and gas concrete base. CEKOL C-45 is an excellent primer for the emulsion and acrylic paints. The white colour allows to apply fewer coats of paint to obtain full colour effect. It is an excellent ground for wall paper. It is non-toxic in application and use, made entirely of natural components. CEKOL C-45 does not turn yellow when exposed to light.


Substrate preparation: CEKOL C-45 has an excellent adherence to concrete, bricks, gas concrete, ceramsit blocks, gypsum panels and blocks as well as cardboard-gypsum panels. The base should be clean,compact, carrying and free of grease. Paints, loose sand and plaster particles as well as layers not bound with the base must be removed.



1) Strongly absorbable bases (e.g. gas concrete) should be primed with the CEKOL DL-80 priming emulsion.

2) In permanently humid compartments (e.g. bathrooms) the CEKOL C-35 plaster is recommended.

3) Steel elements should be protected against corrosion.


Application: Pour the package contents to water in the proportion of 0.40 liter of water for 1 kg of dry powder and mix thoroughly until a uniform thick mixture is obtained. Pour the powder to water. Mix is ready for use immediately after mixing and maintains its properties for 45 minutes. Apply the mix to a prepared surface in an 1 to 5 mm thick uniform layer until the desired effect is reached. Even the layer up with a stainless steel or plastic trowel or spatula. Afterpreliminary setting of the mix, the surface may be ground. It is recommended to apply layers not thicker than 5 mm at a time. Painting may be carried out when the mix is fully set.


Technical data:

- Mixture proportions: 0.40 l of water for 1 kg of dry powder

- Pot life: 45 minutes

- Consumption: 1.5 kg/m2 of 1 mm thick layer

- Layer thickness: 1 to 5 mm

- Work temperature: +5oC to +25oC

- Screenings on 0.2 mm mesh sieve: ≤ 2%

- Start of setting: ≥ 60 min.

- Bending strength: ≥ 2 N/mm2

- Compression strength: ≥ 4 N/mm2

- Adhesion to base: ≥ 0.5 N/mm2

- Reaction to fire: A1

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Product Info
Weight 20kg
Colour white
Coverage 1.5 kg/m2 @ 1mm