The right way to insulate - VIDEO GUIDE


1. Base track is secured approx. 30 cm above ground level using plugs. Where the wall is uneven, the profile is padded out with spacers. The joints are connected using profile connectors. 

   2. The adhesive is applied using the edge-dab method. The application should be done in such way (approx. 1-2 cm thick adhesive layer), that the contact surface with the wall is at least 40%. A 5cm wide strip of adhesive is applied around the edge of the panel, and three dabs, about size of a side plate, placed in the middle. 

3. Before the plugs are inserted and after the adhesive has hardened (after 1 day), the panels joints are sanded down, until they are level and smooth. 

4. Application of mesh coat adhesive using a rust-free toothed spatula (10 mm). Fibreglass mesh is embedded 'wet on wet'. At least 10 cm overlap of each drop. Curing time before application of primer: at least 7 days.  

   5. Primer is applied evenly accros the surface with a roller. Curing time: at least 24 hours. 

   6. Render is applied using a rust-free steel trowel and rubbed in using a plastic float


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