Visual Renovation solutions make it possible to renovate your house simply and quickly. Visual Renovation has the perfect solution for your facade, whatever the condition of your house.


Before you start your project you have to analyse your facade. The surface hast o be firm, dry and dust free. Loose and sandy parts can easily be fixed with Baumit ReMineral. If you have to deal with organic substances on your facade, like fungi or algae, you can help yourself by using Baumit FungoStop.


If you want your house to look like new again Baumit figured out three different and easy ways to make it happen. To find out, which way is the most appropriate for your house, you have to check the condition of your facade. Are there any cracks on it? If no – great! If yes -check how deep they are!


If your facade is dirty or faded out, but has no cracks or other damages - this is very good news! In this case it only needs some slight refreshing and your work will be done very quickly. Just coat your facade twice with high quality Baumit NanoporColor, Baumit StarColor or Baumit ProColor paint.

SOLUTION 2 - CRACKS < 0.5 mm

Cracks smaller than 0.5mm are also no big deal at all! But in this case your facade needs Baumit FillPrimer first. This primer evens out all small damages on your facade. Afterwards you can coat it with two layers of  high quality Baumit NanoporColor, Baumit StarColor or Baumit ProColor paint.

SOLUTION 3a - CRACKS > 0.5 mm

For cracks bigger than 0.5mm your facade needs some special treatment to guarantee long-lasting results. But no need to worry - Baumit MultiWhite can make it happen! It is an innovative, white, flexible and water-repellent reinforcement layer for Baumit StarTex. You can structure Baumit MultiWhite and coat it twice with high quality Baumit NanoporColor, Baumit StarColor or Baumit ProColor paint.

SOLUTION 3b - CRACKS > 0.5mm

If you want to go for a high class renovation, there is even a further possibility.  In this case you can smoothen Baumit MultiWhite and apply any of Baumit Tops like Baumit NanoporTop or Baumit SilikonTop. With this solution your facade is protected against most mechanical and environmental impacts for many and many of years.


With the high-quality paints of Baumit, you are always on the save side. All Baumit paints are ready-to-use, weather-resistant, diffusible and easy to apply. For your renovation project you can choose between Baumit NanoporColor, with it´s unique self-cleaning effect, Baumit StarColor with it´s extremely water-repellent surface or the all-in-one Solution Baumit ProColor.

Find your perfect match: Baumit Life


Baumit tops are the high-class solution for your renovation project. Besides making your house look shining new again, innovative technologies enable the plasters to be self-cleaning, diffusible and resistant for many years. You can choose between the premium self-cleaning technology of Baumit NanoporTop, the extremely durable Baumit SilikonTop or the breathable Baumit GranoporTop.

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